Honeybees and Honey

2024 will be our 7 th year with a 31 acre dedicated planting of prairie grasses and wildflowers. Our goal is to keep our honeybees on our chemical free home property. The wildflowers include varieties which will offer a bloom in Spring, Summer and Fall. Our fall 2023 goldenrod bloom was the best it has been so far. During the summer you will find Black-eyed Susans, Oxbow Sunflowers, Bee balm, clovers and many others native flower species the bees absolutely love.


Keeping Things Close - Why encourage our bees to remain on our home farm?

  • First and foremost, our pasture is chemical free, and our bees are visiting plants and flowers that have not had any chemicals applied. The theory; no chemicals on the flowers, no chemicals to the hive. The result is a significantly lowered chemical impact, improved colony health, honey production and flavor. While bees will travel up to 5 miles for their forage, if it exists closeby, they do not have to travel the distance to find food.

  • The abundance of foodstuffs close to our bees also means shorter trips between forage and hive. Less transportation distance means each bee can be more productive. When the entire colony is working efficiently and in a rich nutritious environment, the more successful they will be.