Pasture Poultry

Both our Laying Hens and our Broiler chickens have access to quality chemical free pasture which is freshened by frequent movement of our pens. Broilers are moved daily as they grow and are allowed new fresh grass daily. Our Laying hens are moved about every two weeks but have a huge expanse to roam and forage.

Our Laying Hens are spoiled when it comes to diet. They are fed a custom soy free mix of grains that are lightly ground and mixed with proper ratios of quality natural organic protein and mineral sources. The Funk Farms custom mix results in an approximately 19.5% protein feed. Along with access to fresh greens, bugs, grass, garden scraps, and an abundance of outdoor fresh air completes our recipe to optimal health and an egg that is second to none in flavor and nutrition.

Broilers chickens are raised seasonally on the farm in small batches. Moving daily gives our birds the opportunity to access fresh air, grass and plant material daily. The higher intake of chlorophyll (fresh green material) results in cleaner more delicious tasting chicken. More importantly, it enhances our bird’s overall vitality.

Daily moving also allows the pasture to rest and recover. Our broilers are also fed a top-quality ration which they thrive on. Broilers are typically harvested at Funk Farms between 5-8 pounds.